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This palace was built by Maharawat Pratapsingh.

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Gautameshwar Mahadev

Gautameshwar Mahadev Temple in Arnod

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Wind Mills

Wind Energy Generation in Pratapgarh District

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Jakham Resorvoir

Jakham Dam, Pratapgarh

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Ashok Gehlot, chief minister of rajasthan


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On 26th January 2008 Pratapgarh got the proud of being 33rd district shown on the map of Rajasthan. It is created by the areas taken from Udaipur, Banswara and Chittorgarh districts. As a newly created district Pratapgarh includes the tehsil area Arnod, Pratapgarh and Chotisadri from Chittorgarh district, Dhariawad from Udaipur district and Pipalkhoont from Banswara district.  Pratapgarh is situated in the southeastern partof Rajasthan in Chittorgarh district. The area adjoins Udaipur and Bhilwara districts of Rajasthan and Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated at the junction of the Aravali mountain ranges and the Malwa Plateau; hence the characteristics of both prominently feature in the area. Pratapgarh is located at 24.03° North & 74.78° East. It has an average elevation of 491 meters(1610 feet). Well known for pure gold and glass-inlay handmade unique jewellery called "Thewa".

Covered with natural beauty and lifestyle of Vagad, Mewad and Malwa this new district is famous by the name of KANTHAL. Trible dominated population is the rich Ganga-Jamuna  culture of this district.

From the historical view, this is a place where the emperors of Mewar Rajwansh ruled which has been famous as a name of Devaliya state in the history whose capital has been situated 10 Km. west from Pratapgarh named avasthit devaliya town. District's sub-tehsil Devgarh's historical fort on which roof clock is placed which is created to show the time from sunlight. In the fort historic remains of royal houses is yet available. Devgarh's then Emperor Maharaval Pratap Singh of independent Rajasthan established the "Pratapgarh" nagar which is covered by perkota (boundary walls) from four directions. In the perkota (boundary walls) there are 56 link roads and 6 important city gates which show its design and citizens lifestyle. Just after independace, from 1948 to 1952, it was district headquater but after reorganisation of districts due to administrative and political issues  district headquater has been changed.

Pratapgarh also have good scope of Eco Tourism. The Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary encompasses good Fauna and Flora; if you are lucky you can spot Flying squirrel, Black Naped Monarch, Lesser Florican etc.