'Rampart' or 'Perkota' of Pratapgarh

Suraj Pol Gate is one of the Gates of 'Perkota'.

Devgarh's ruler Maharaval Pratap Singh of independent Rajasthan established the “Pratapgarh” nagar which is covered by rampart from four of the directions which is known as 'Perkota'. In the Perkota there are 56 link roads and 6 Important city gates which show its design and citizens lifestyle.

Deepeshwar Conduit Head


Deepeshwar Pond

Kaka Saheb Dargah


Kanthal area is situated in Southern part of Rajasthan where Kakaji Saheb Dargah is built. The famous Dargah of Saiyadi Kakaji Isabhai is a holy place for Bohra community. Not only Bohra community, but many Hindus and Muslims also accept that no one goes empty hand from Kakaji Saheb's door. Dargah becomes very attractive in full moon night. Isabhai Saiyadi who is famous as Kakaji Saheb was a great man, who throughout his life served poor and marginalised people. That's why he is worshiped till today.

There are differences between birth time and birth place of Saiyadi Kakaji Saheb. Shiraji Saheb calls them bonafide of Pratapgarh but according to few people and author Asha Thakor, he was a native of Rampura (MP). There are doubts regarding their birth year also, but based on obtained evidences, he was born between Hizari 1150 to Hizari 1167. Because of his work for public welfare and betterment of humanity, he was worshiped in the name of Kakaji even before his death. He died on the day of Ravikal, Asar 28, Hizari 1206 i.e. 1786 AD.

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