Geographical and Physical Features

Pratapgarh is located at 24.03° N 74.78° E with an average elevation of 491 meters (1610 feet above mean sea level). It is said to be the second highest place in Rajasthan after Mount Abu. Because of its unique location on the junction of the Aravali mountain ranges and the Malwa Plateau, it carries the geological characteristics of both. The geographical area of Pratapgarh is 4,11,736 hectares, out of which forest coverage area is 1,20,976 hectares (2009-10).

It has high geographical and physical diversity ranging from highly dense forests to hilly terrain and plateau. The average annual rainfall is 856 mm. The soil is mainly highly fertile Black Cotton Soil made of magma of volcanos. The major rivers of the district are JakhamMahi and Siwana or Shiv. Other seasonal rivers are SomEraw and Karmoi. Out of five sub-divisions except for Chhoti Sadri, are notified forest blocks, where no major industry or mining activity is allowed under law. However, in non-forest regions of Chhoti Sadri (and part of Pratapgarh and Dhariyawad), small scale minning activities are in operation extracting mainly Red Ochre, Calcite Dolomite, Quartz, Feldspar and Soapstone. Marble, Building-stone and Limestone are also available in small quantities.

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